Environmental Science

Environmental Site Assessments


During ESA phase 1 Martech Group engages in site reconnaissance and reviews any and all available records for the subject site. This phase provides a timeline of all the events that are within the records available at various regulatory and government agencies. These records are reviewed by the investigator according to the provincial laws and regulations. ESA Phase 1 is intended to determine potential environmental liabilities and to establish the basis for further investigative work.


An ESA Phase 2 is carried out if the investigator carrying out ESA Phase 1 is in doubt that contamination is present on site. During Phase 2, Martech Group carries out an intrusive review of the site conditions rather than a non-intrusive review of records. Samples obtained are sent to approved laboratories for testing. Depending on the outcome, a site delineation maybe required to provide precise map of the contamination (whether soils, or building materials) and further testing is implemented. Once the Phase 2 ESA is complete, Martech would either recommend moving to the third phase of the process (Phase 3 ESA), or to confirm that no contamination is found (if Phase 2 testing was compliant).


Phase 3 ESA is where the remedial work is planned by Martech Group. This phase commences on the basis of the former Phase 2 ESA. The mitigation planning (remediation planning) is carried out in conjunction with the contracted environmental remediator.

Soild and Ground Water Testing Program

Soil and Groundwater testing is performed as part of a Phase II ESA, e.g., if any evidence of an underground storage tank is found during the ESA Phase I then a soil and groundwater testing program might be undertaken. Call us at 1-855-291-4663 for a free consultation.

Remediation Planning and Monitoring

Martech Group also performs Remediation Planning and Monitoring services. Call us at 1-855-291-4663 for a free consultation.

Spill Investigations

Martech Group also performs Spill Investigations. Call us at 1-855-291-4663 for a free consultation.

Underground Storage Tank De-commissioning

Martech Group specializes in the removal of underground storage tanks. An ESA needs to be carried out before a suspect tank can be removed. Based on the information obtained from an ESA if evidence leads to a damaged tank, soil samples are taken and are tested. The test determines the extent of the damage and the estimated cost for the clean-up. Call us at 1-855-291-4663 for a free consultation.

Regulated Water Testing (Ontario Regulation 243/07)

Under the Ontario Regulation 243/07 schools, private schools and day nurseries are required to get their water tested for lead. Call us at 1-855-291-4663 for a free consultation.

Environmental Compliance

Call us at 1-855-291-4663 for a free consultation. We now have offices in  Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.